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Voice coils, resistive coils, valve coil, actuator coil, motor coil, drive coil, insulated copper coil, pump coil, voice coil actuator, transformer coil

The story of Future Manufacturing, Inc. began in 1961 when Denis Boroski returned from a tour in the US Navy, where he was an electronics technician, and took and entry-level job with a small electric coil manufacturing company here in Connecticut. Denis would spend the next 21 years employed by this company, slowly working his way up the ranks to one day become Plant Manager. Through this experience he become an expert on the technical aspects of electric coils and how to manufacture them, mastering the nuances of supply chain management, inspection procedures, quality standards, and personnel management along the way. Though he may not have realized it at the time, the skills he honed here would eventually become the foundation of Future Manufacturing, Inc.


Our Story

In the spring of 1983, as many small American factories were forced to downsize due to pressure from offshore competition, Denis was laid off from his Plant Manager job. While understandably devastated, his confidence in the continued demand for American-made coils, and in his own abilities, never wavered. This confidence, combined with the hard-headedness afforded to him by his Polish-American heritage, compelled him to establish his own electric coil factory less than five miles from his previous place of employment. In June of 1983 the company was born, named for the years of prosperity that Denis hoped to help bring to future  generations of the Boroski family.


Future Manufacturing has remained in business through the volatile economic climate of the past 30+ years not by accident, but by keeping the promises made to our customers and striving to be the best at what we do. Today it remains family owned and operated, currently employing three generations of the Boroski family.

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