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Voice coils, resistive coils, valve coil, actuator coil, motor coil, drive coil, insulated copper coil, pump coil, voice coil actuator, transformer coil

Our coils can be found in a wide array of everyday products, and we’re proud of the devices that we help bring to life. While we would love to show you some specific examples of what we can do, our products usually find themselves in proprietary assemblies that are not fit for show and tell. Just to give you an idea, here are some examples of where you’ll find us:


- Solenoid hydraulic valve in backhoe lift mechanisms

- Magnetically actuated brakes on military vehicles

- Stator windings in AC & DC motors

- Vibratory coil in tattoo machines

- Solenoid valves in gasoline pumps

- Solenoid hydraulic valve in aircraft landing gear

- Solenoid pump in blood infusion machines

- Magnetically actuated clutches on industrial cranes


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