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Voice coils, resistive coils, valve coil, actuator coil, motor coil, drive coil, insulated copper coil, pump coil, voice coil actuator, transformer coil

Coil Types

The types of coils we can manufacture include but are not limited to:

- Toroidal Coils

- Square & Rectangular Coils

- Other complex geometries

- Air Core (Self-Supported) Coils

- Bobbin Wound Coils

- Tape Wrapped Coils

- Varnish Sealed/Encapsulated Coils

Some of our key capabilities include:

- Temperature resistance up to 240° C

- Wire size from 6 AWG to 47 AWG

- Dozens of core material choices

- Precision or random winding in single layer or multi-layer


- Coil winding diameters from 0.2” to 17.0”

- Lead stripping and tinning, electrical testing, other value-

  added steps

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