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Voice coils, resistive coils, valve coil, actuator coil, motor coil, drive coil, insulated copper coil, pump coil, voice coil actuator, transformer coil
Electric Coils, Induction coil, motor coil, generator coil, transformer coil, voice coil, toroid coil, magneto coil, electrical coil, electromagnet coil, brake coil, clutch coil

We've been winding high quality coils at our factory in Connecticut since 1983, and you might call us coil experts. We specialize in coils for solenoid devices like pumps & valves, magnetically actuated brake & clutch mechanisms, and electric motors. We're also well equipped to make coils for relays, inductors, voice coil actuators, chokes and other RF applications. Our engineers have over 50 years of combined experience in the coil industry, and we've seen it all.

We are extremely responsive and reply to all inquiries within 1 business day, usually less. You always have our full attention.

Upon review of your drawings, we can often suggest subtle changes to lower unit costs or increase reliability from established levels. We can also reverse-engineer most coils from a single sample, even if it's blown-out, no drawing required!

We're happy to stock your finished parts and ship upon request, or on a set schedule, to support "just-in-time-manufacturing" strategies.

Your search for a proven and reliable electric coil supplier ends here.  Contact us today!

Why choose us for Electric Coils?

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